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Amir Shemony
2 min readJul 12, 2022

Currently, how brands connect with their customers and prospects is critical for business success. The most qualified influencers are nearly impossible to find, and more importantly, it’s difficult for marketers to know which influencers will give the best ROI. And as new platforms enter the market every day, many choices can be daunting for an organization in need of a marketing platform tailored for their needs. Here are some of the top marketing platforms as of 2022 include:


Tubular is one of the top platforms that offer content creation and distribution services for various video formats, including Instagram TV, Facebook Watch, and Snapchat shows. Tubular’s tools allow its customers to create videos for social media channels and websites to reach its branded materials’ greatest reach. It offers a variety of options to meet each customer’s specific needs, from social influencer marketing campaigns to daily vlogging series. is the leading influencer marketing platform, offering services in this area since 2012. Its network has more than 20,000 influencers and reaches more than 1 billion consumers every month through its clients’ social media channels, websites, and apps. The platform offers various customer needs options, from social influencer marketing campaigns to daily vlogging series. It also helps its customers manage their social media influencers, monitor the influencers’ work quality, and provides various analytics tools such as a campaign management dashboard. is an influencer marketing platform that offers a wide range of tools to help businesses connect with their customers and prospects, including audience targeting and ad creation by word of mouth or paid media to increase brand awareness and conversion rates. The platform helps its customers find influencers on their social networks and build relationships.


InfluencerDB is a platform that helps businesses in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industries by providing its customers with thousands of fashion and beauty influencers for their marketing campaigns. The platform offers its customers the opportunity to choose from thousands of relevant bloggers worldwide in various languages who have millions of followers on social media channels.


Roposo is an influencer marketing platform that allows its customers to easily find high-quality micro-influencers in their community and connect with them to create a brand’s unique content, including videos, images, Instagram stories, and other native content. The platform services include creating branded Instagram campaigns and sponsored posts for websites, blogs, and social media channels.

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