Amir Shemony Shares Tips for Creating Structure Within Your Business

Amir Shemony
3 min readDec 6, 2022

There are many ways to get things done in a business, and if you have a few employees, you know that each of them will do something differently. However, not having an established structure can confuse and hinder your growth. It can also slow down your progress if left unchecked.

Take these steps to create a structure within your company that will allow you to get things done efficiently. Doing these steps will allow you to bring order to your business.

Create Key Departments

Before you start creating departments , ensure that you have the necessary elements. You can start by opening a new drawing or PowerPoint or using pen and paper to create a simple layout. For each of the three main functions of your company, draw three boxes.

The various functions of a company include sales and marketing, operations, and financial and administration. Sales and marketing are necessary to generate revenue, while operations focus on fulfilling the company’s promises to its customers.

Prioritize Communication

Some divisions are focused on marketing and sales. To avoid communication issues, establish a matrix management strategy that will help members of each division become more accountable for their performance. You can also distribute decision-making responsibilities throughout the organization. This will allow managers at the lower levels to make decisions more quickly and effectively.

Develop Rules and Regulations

Rules are an integral part of a company’s culture, as they help to establish the rules for the various groups within the organization. A clear and consistent operating procedure can help minimize misunderstandings, primarily if you work in a culturally diverse company. Large organizations often require authority and rules to carry out their operations effectively.

Establish an Action Committee

Action committees and task forces are established to create the organization’s policies and procedures to achieve its goals. You can also set conditions for a temporary support committee or a collection of volunteers. You can learn from other companies that have successfully solved similar problems.

Choose Executive Leaders

Ideally, there should be two complementary personality types in an organization when it comes to leaders. The first type of executive leader should be a creative thinker. This kind of leader can bring a lot of energy and innovative ideas, but they need to be more successful at following through.

The other type of executive leader every business should have to establish structure is a leader who is an organizational thinker. This kind of leader is a well-organized individual and can lead by example. Although they may need to be more skilled at spotting opportunities, they will ensure that the direction is carried out correctly.

Make Room to Evolve

As your company grows, you can also establish divisions allowing members to produce different products and services. You can add leadership to these divisions to manage the various functions needed to meet their goals. For instance, as your company grows, you can establish a training function to help members of each division receive the necessary training.

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