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Amir Shemony
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Due to the increasing number of companies looking to drive customer engagement and improve their organic traffic, the need for more original content is also bound to rise. Fortunately, there are now machines that can help them meet this demand. Whether you’re writing blog posts about your brand or producing videos for your company, AI can help you create more compelling content.

Small Content Initiatives

According to a report released, the use of AI in social media is expected to reach $2 billion by 2023. This shows how dominant this technology is in the ecosystem. With just a little guidance, AI can help brands create compelling content that can be used on multiple social platforms.

Although the initial draft of AI-generated content can be beneficial, it’s still not guaranteed to be perfect. A skilled content writer must analyze and improve the final version to ensure that it represents the brand’s goals.

Topics and Keywords

Many writers need help to write about new and fresh topics. With the aid of AI, they can quickly generate several hundred topic ideas within just a couple of seconds. It can also help them visualize the multiple internal linking system opportunities they can take advantage of.

Data Collection

Through natural language processing and visual recognition techniques, AI can help brands collect and analyze customer product feedback. It can also identify its products’ images and track the content users share about their brand.

Optimization Process

Using AI, an SEO machine can also find hidden links and other opportunities that can help boost its rankings. With the help of AI, an SEO machine can also crawl and analyze the web for content related to a keyword and find gaps in the structure and content. It can then improve the quality of the content by rewriting the paragraphs.

Interactive Landing Pages

With the help of AI, content creators can now improve the performance of their interactive landing pages by learning the various copywriting techniques that can be used to create effective content. One of the most effective ways to improve a landing page’s performance is by matching the users’ keywords with the appropriate images. If the page already exists, an AI algorithm can analyze it and provide suggestions for improvement.

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